Post Malone was looking handsome when he was a student


People can’t believe that Post Malone is only 21 years old.
(He will be 22 this year)

He looks older.
And He doesn’t look young.

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But do you know that he was really handsome when he was a high school student ?

I got his photos when he was a student.

I’ll show you.

Can You Believe it ?

Oh, is he really Post ?

But look at his eyebrows.

He has same eyebrows now.

when he started music, he started play guitar first.

he has played in a heavy rock band too.
His curly long hair reminds me of a member of old heavy rock band.

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i guess he was popular among his classmates.

he looked like a model.

This smile reminds me of current him.

i wonder what happened to him between school days and now.

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